Artistic Strategies of Resistance

Rafaela Siegenthaler and I are facilitating our next workshop on the 18th of feb from 4-7pm – it is part of Abiona Esther Ojo’s and Huda Takriti’s exhibition “Weaving Truths, Untangling Fictions”, which is currently on view at the Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz.

During the workshop ”Artistic Strategies of Resistance“ we will present various artistic strategies relating to previous artistic interventions of BIPoC artists and collectives in/from Vienna. In the second part of the workshop, we will share writing techniques that can be used as an artistic expression as well as a strategy of resistance.

The aim of the workshop is to exchange ideas about how to deal with everyday racism and with racism within art spaces and institutions. We want to provide a safe(r) space for BIPoCs to (further) develop their own artistic resistance strategies and interventions.

“Artistic Strategies of Resistance” is aimed exclusively at Black people, People of Color and people who identify as indigenous/indígena. The planned workshop language is German. Please let us know upon registration if you prefer the workshop to be held in English.

In order to ensure that we can provide a safe(r) space for Black/Indigenous/People of Color we are asking you to fill out this registration form. It’s also an offering to tell us about yourself and your accessibility needs if applicable (e.g. captions/speed of communication/language etc).

In the next step we will send you the zoom link on the day of the workshop, which will be February 18, 2021, from 4–7 pm (CET). Please only sign up if you are available on this date as we have limited capacity for the session. If you are registered but can’t make it on short notice: please let us know so that we can offer this space to someone else.