2014 – now     MA Fine Arts/Video & Video installation, Academy of Fine Arts
2012 – now
     MA Education of the Arts, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
2006 – 2008     Make up Artist & Hairstylist Diploma, Vienna
2004 – 2006     Diploma in Fashion Design, Herbstrasse, Vienna


2016 – now    Co-founder/curator of WE DEY x SPACE- art space for QTIBPoC                                                  contemporary arts, Vienna
2018               “Rememory: Ritual Blackness and Beyond”, solo show by Khaleb Brooks,
2017                “Fragmented Selves”, solo show by Sophie Utikal, WE DEY x SPACE
2017                “Detoxing Masculinity” solo show by Amoako Boafo, WE DEY x SPACE
2016                Anticolonial Fantasies” group show with Imayna Caceres, Sophie                                             Utikal & BPoC students & lectures, Friday Exit, Vienna
2016                WE DEY show”, group show, WUK Projektraum, Vienna
2013                 curatorial assistant, 1:54- Contemporary African Art Fair, London
2013                „It’s now, it’s there, it’s everywhere“, solo show by Amoako Boafo,                                             Fortuna Galerie, Vienna


2017               Decolonial Borderlands, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
2016               SISTERS, Fluc, Vienna
2016               Anti*colonial Fantasies, Friday Exit, Vienna
2016               WE DEY show, WUK Projektraum, Vienna
2015               Familarities — unexpected queerings, VBKÖ, Vienna
2014               Künstlerhaus Passage, Vienna
2014               Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
2013               Chalewote Streetartfestival Accra, Ghana


2018               New Perspectives on memory(ies), xartsplitta, Berlin
Anti*colonial Fantasies with Sophie Utikal and Imayna Caceres,
Kunstuniversität Linz
2018               Anti*colonial Fantasies with Sophie Utikal and Imayna Caceres, 
                        Universitätsbibliothek Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste, Wien
2017               Homestories, Literaturhaus, Wien
2017               I/mages of Tomorrow, Goldsmith University, London
2017               Anti*colonial Fantasies with Sophie Utikal and Imayna Caceres, University                          of Vienna
2017               Decolonial Borderlands with Sophie Utikal and Imayna Caceres, Academy                            of Fine Arts, Vienna
2016               Library of Requests Part II with Belinda Kazeem Kaminski, Imayna Caceres,                        Sophie Utikal, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
2016               Decolonising Arts and Visual Culture Series with Rena Onat, RajuRage,                                  Rajkamal Kahlon, Nathalie Mba Bikoro, xartsplitta, Berlin
2016               Anti*colonial Fantasies with Imayna Caceres and Sophie Utikal, Friday Exit
2014               Re-writing the Calling Card Project with Rafaela Siegenthaler, University of                           Vienna, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
2014               Decolonial Pedagogy with Rafaela Siegenthaler, Bundesfachtagung 2014                                Globales Lernen, Vienna


2018              Diagonale 2018International Filmfestival Rotterdam
2017              Kassel Filmfest, Venice Biennale
2017              WE DEY Archive, x space
2016              WE DEY show, WUK Projektraum, Vienna


2017              Kuratieren als antirassistische Praxis/Curating as anti-racist practice
Ed. by Bayer, Natalie / Kazeem-Kamiński, Belinda / Sternfeld, Nora
2017              Anti*colonial Fantasies, Zaglossus,
Ed. by Imayna Caceres, Sophie Utikal, Sunanda Mesquita
2017              Quix Publication (illustrator)
2017              Black Fly Zine, Sexual Health for People of Color (illustrator)
2016              On Families, a coloring book tracing concepts of families (editor)