INVASION(EN) 2.22 ist eine performative, feministische und antirassistische Installation von Hannah Ma, Nora Amin and Sebastian M.Purfürst

The choreographic fragments by Hannah Ma presented in INVASION(EN) 2.22 analyze the act of Invasion an act of forced entry to a (political, physical, biological) territory from a feminist and post-migrational perspective.

They create a post-human narrative where micro and macro-cosmos mingle, and the performers become people, armies, nations, territories, cells, political ideas, and microorganisms all at once. The creation focuses on the body as the witness and the landscape of political changes in our multi-migrating world. INVASION(EN) 2.22 is a meditation on the past and opens up to a possible future of care. Where- in the end, Wo/Humankind will be able to rest from its ongoing search for identity and belonging.

Artistic Team:

Artistic Direction | Choreography I Ausstattung: Hannah Ma
Composition I Voice: Nora Amin, Sebastian M. Purfürst

Video: Hannah Ma, Sebastian Purfürst

Dramaturgy: Sunanda Mesquita

Text: Hannah Ma, Lena Noske, Nora Zrika

Co-Creation | Performance Dance: Ritsuko Matsuoka, Sergio Mel, Maher Abdul Moaty, Christin Reinartz, Valentina Zappa, Nora Zrika

Grafic Design: Studio Polenta

Special Guest: Thobile Maphanga 

© David Schmitz Photographie

Hannah Ma Dance